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Review - Release - Re-align - Renew

during the Alignment Retreat

Alignment in business is all about bringing & doing what you love to clients who love you for it!

Now, quite some weeks into 2022, would you say that’s what you are doing?

Or are you tied up in so-called business success formulas that are exhausting you and depleting your creativity?

We’ve been there.

And if there is one thing we are both crystal clear on: it’s that other people’s success formulas are exactly that. THEIR success formula.

Our biggest lesson learned in years of entrepreneurship: the only success formula that works equally well for everyone is the formula of joy & focus!

Having fun at what you do, and a focus on the right things, automatically aligns you with your higher business purpose AND with your ideal clients.

So tell us, perhaps you've started 2022 with a clean slate, and you were really looking forward to make this YOUR year.

You had the best plans laid out and the most powerful resolutions, but for some reason you're back to procrastinating, doubts and serving nearly but not so ideal clients in the same way as you were in 2021.

The billion dollar question is: why is this happening? And how exactly will you make a change to ensure you're not given another set of lemons like for instance;

👉🏻 Life happening along the way and your best laid plans going up in smoke

👉🏻 Struggling to get your message out there in a noisy online world

👉🏻 Working your butt off and not getting the results you are hoping for

Are you ready to try another way - by truly aligning to your core?

In January 2022 we organized our very successful online Focus Retreat, to help fellow entrepreneurs to plan for the year ahead.*

Our Align Retreat is another one of our concoctions to help an entrepreneur like you thrive, and goes a step further. You deserve it to share your amazing zone of genius with the world - and the world deserves to benefit from the gift & expertise you are here to bring! We believe very strongly in the power of community. 

So STOP dealing with struggle on your own and let’s do this together, because; 

✅ Chances are high you’ve got a blind spot for the gold in your business - we've got just the right tools to uncover this 

✅ It’s always a good idea to have fresh eyes on your business - to ask you the questions that you have stopped asking yourself 

✅ Dedicating time to work ON your business is essential - instead of working IN your business all the time 

✅ No one should feel alone or insignificant while creating his/her life’s work - because you’ve got a talent that the world needs! 

✅ Being surrounded by people who are in the same boat and who cheer you on, will give you the power that you need, especially on those ‘meh’ days (we all have them, right!)

* No worries if you missed our Focus Retreat, we will set you up in a way that supports a smooth transition into the Align program.

Introducing … The Alignment Retreat from 10-12 May 2022! 

In 2,5 days, you will get; 

  • An honest insight in what works and what doesn’t in your business
  • The clarity you are looking for to level up & thrive
  • A set of practical steps you can take to still make 2022 successful on your terms
  • Practical tools to help you succeed and keep a clear mind 
  • Fellowship, the spirit of community and new friendships 

Are you ready to start running your business on your terms? Then sign up for this amazing opportunity to evolve and grow!

The Alignment Retreat is happening in.....

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It’s time to stop working harder, and start working smarter

*If you don't have a credit card or want to pay by invoice, send us an email to book your seat this way.

What does the Alignment Retreat bring you?  

  • 2.5 days of reflection, re-energizing and making concrete plans for 2022
  • A stay in one of the most beautiful retreat centers in the Netherlands
  • 2 overnight stays in a shared apartment (max 2 per apartment)

  • A heart-opening cacao ceremony to set the stage

  • Storytelling by the fire

  • Delicious vegan meals and healthy (non-alcoholic) drinks during the retreat

  • Practical tools that will ensure you implement your plans

    Deep connections with like-minded entrepreneurs like you

Your investment for this Focus Retreat
€ 747 plus VAT when applicable. 

*If you don't have a credit card or want to pay by invoice, send us an email to book your seat this way.

Here's where you will be staying

Practical information

Start: Tuesday 10 May 5pm CET

End: Thursday 12 May 3pm CET

Venue: Finca Vrij, Kapelleweg 29a, 4322 NG Scharendijke, the Netherlands 

Your investment: € 747 plus VAT when applicable

Included in the Retreat

  • 2 overnight stays in a shared apartment (max 2 per apartment)

  • Vegan meals and healthy (non-alcoholic) drinks during the retreat

  • All training materials

*If you don't have a credit card or want to pay by invoice, send us an email to book your seat this way.

This program is for you if;

  • You’re ready to take the leap
  • You feel like you’ve been playing (too) small so far
  • You believe in the power of collective creative energy and connection
  • You feel like you’re here to make a difference in the world
  • You’ve tested and tried too many blueprints that haven’t worked for you

This is NOT for you if;

  • You’re not willing to get out of your comfort zone
  • You’re not open to ideas and feedback
  • You’re not ready to answer to your calling
  • You’re not able to clear your calendar for 2,5 days
  • You’re not willing to keep it real

If you think there’s no match, we’re absolutely cool with that. However, if you feel like ‘Hell Yes, I want this!’, then click the button below;

*If you don't have a credit card or want to pay by invoice, send us an email to book your seat this way.